Our company is led by Katherine Cary, a seasoned consumer marketing professional with an MBA from Wharton. Our experienced development team is focused on innovation, customization, and user-focused design. 

Are you seeking to prevent coupon misredemption? Need to check a coupon barcode for errors? Trying to manage and track GS1 DataBar files? Want a cost-effective software solution so you don't rack up vendor and consultant fees?

GS1 DataBars are so complicated that that over 70% of current FSI offers contain a significant error. Eliminating human readability came at a cost of preventing coupon issuers, retailers, and processors from interpreting and verifying the accuracy of DataBars as well.

Now with CHEQR, you can use your iPad's camera to scan your coupon's GS1 DataBar at the artwork stage before the coupon is printed. CHEQR provides an output with all the terms that are encoded in the DataBar, and it will also display how your coupon will be interpreted by point of sale systems. Using patent-pending algorithms, CHEQR identifies otherwise hidden exposures that enable or even foster coupon misredemption. 

Need to build GS1 DataBars? Then download CHEQR Pro which includes all of the functionality contained in CHEQR plus the ability to generate and export GS1 DataBars through a proprietary user-friendly wizard.

CHEQR and CHEQR Pro are available for the iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store. 

Introducing CHEQR, the breakthrough in app technology that tames the DataBar!



CHEQR - pronounced "checker" - is a family of iPad apps designed for coupon professionals. If you are a consumer goods brand manager, coupon designer, or coupon printer then CHEQR is the app you need to eliminate costly DataBar errors and coupon misredemption. 


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