CHeqr DataBar Maestro

Use CHEQR Pro's proprietary DataBar generator to build customized GS1 DataBars. Our innovative wizard guides you through the construction of accurate DataBars, eliminating costly coupon errors. 

Using your iPad's camera as a scanner, CHEQR reads the information in each DataBar allowing you to match the DataBar with the intended data on a field by field basis. CHEQR displays exactly how the DataBar will be interpreted by POS systems, providing incredible insight into the reasons that a coupon might be accepted for unintended purchases and rejected for fully compliant purchases.

Build GS1 DataBars

CHEQR evaluates each DataBar, using proprietary algorithms to identify correctable exposures, errors, and concerns. CHEQR suggests best practices in DataBar settings that can minimize coupon misredemption. CHEQR retains an image of each coupon to simplify the editing process, management of market-specific offers, FSI production, cost accounting, and risk management.

Once you have completed the wizard, CHEQR Pro makes it easy to export the newly created DataBar. With a single click you can output the exact format your printer needs.   

CHEQR Pro Databar tool

Analyze DataBars

Scan DataBars

Export DataBars